Graduated in Law at Statale University in Milan, she starts working as International Industrial Relations manager at Pirelli in 2001.
In 2002 she became Responsible of Pirelli Group Pension and Health care Occupational schemes.
In 2006 she was appointed Pirelli Group Sustainability Manager, becoming Group Sustainability Officer & Equal Opportunity Manager in 2010.           

She is a member of the Pirelli Sustainability Steering Committee, an high level Committee formed by Pirelli Chairman in 2004 and chaired by him, with the responsibility for setting policy and guiding the advancement of sustainability strategies throughout the Group.

Expert in ESG Policy development, she also acts as trainer on Sustainability strategies for internal and external management, at national and international academic level.

She often takes part as speaker in national and international summits focusing on Sustainability Models and value creation strategies.

She is 42 years old.